j 23

Hello dear friends,

I’m so happy that you have found the time to read my blog [i’m honored really] I’m defiently new to this whole let me blog my inner feelings and thoughts but here it is, raw and honestly and in all it’s messy glory.

I’ll start by telling ya a little about myself: My name is Julianne, a lot of people call me julz, i LOVE nicknames, they make life more fun and personal.  20 years young.  i’m such a family orientated person, even as broken and crazy my family may be. I have 2 older brothers, i am the only girl – [prayers always accepted] I live in college station with hopes to transfer to A&M one day [gig em’] I believe life is meant to be filled with passion and i have oh SO many [i’ll list them later — stay tuned ] I love Jesus with all my heart, i mean seriously He’s the coolest friend you’ll EVER have. 🙂 I love coffee shops (not starbs) more ‘pinteresty’. Dogs make the world go round, like seriously they know how to make ya happy 24/8. I love missions – i leave a piece of my heart each mission trip and i don’t regret a thing – God works in incredible ways and you will never regret giving to people who can never give back to you.

Aspiration #1: travel

I love Texas, but i do believe there’s life outside TX. [sorry y’all] After college i would like to move outside of Texas for a change of scenery.

Aspiration #2: JESUS

I desire Jesus. I desire to love like He does. I aspire to impact people and lead them to the cross.  Life after high school was one year worth of growth and Jesus reveals Himself to us in ways that cant help but wreck and change our hearts. [for the better ] SO if you’re reading this please know Jesus loves you and adores you more than you could ever imagine. Also if you ever just wanna talk about Jesus hmu i love me some jesus talks. He’s pretty cool.

Aspiration #3: Meet Chip and Jo Gaines

i mean because why not — Fixer Upper is my all time fav 🙂

Aspiration #4: a family

okay i know this is a wordly desire but omg, how cool would it to find someone who desires Jesus as well and love together. wedding planning is actually my day job [thx pinterest] lil kiddos have my heart, so if God blesses me with a husband, you bet kiddos will be in the picture one day!! [God willing]

Aspiration #4: Heaven

no i don’t have a death wish, BUT sometimes i get oober excited thinking about heaven one day. How AWEsome will it be to see our sweet Jesus face to face. 🙂 [bless up]

thx for reading and I cant wait to be friends 🙂

xoxo J