Choose Life

When we think about the rain , we know it doesn’t last forever right? Well unless you live in Seattle, but seriously we know it doesn’t last forever so when we’re stuck in a rut, why do we believe it last forever.

Earlier last week, I sat in my own self pity and the enemy would not leave me. I couldn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. Satan truly had a hold of me. I let my emotions consume my mind and my reality.

Let’s define our ruts. For me, it was when nothing was going wrong, but nothing was going right. I couldn’t connect with the Lord. I felt as if I was merely existing. I know at some point for all of us, we have felt as if we’re in the valley and we can’t crawl out.

First we need to remember that this life reveals so many different kinds of seasons – and we must know our seasons are temporary and intentional. We fall into the trap and the lies of satan that we have to sit in the depth of our hurt and never have the hopes of a better day. The most dangerous thing we can do is go off of our feelings and our emotions. Jonathan Pokluda said in a sermon, “our feelings do not define your reality.”

We have to name the way the devil feeds us lies. It’s hard to fight the devil, but God fights for you. God fights for you in the darkness so we don’t have to. The enemy normally comes at your highest point – when you think you’re doing well, when he sees you’re close with the Lord and thriving in your faith OR he comes when you’re at a low, when you think life couldn’t knock you down anymore. The Bible warns us in John 10:10 ” The thief only comes to kill, steal and destroy, but I {Jesus} comes to give true life, life to the fullest.” WOW

okay well first, it’s such a warning that satan, the devil, the enemy, the THIEF comes to destroy your life. He wants to see you lonely and depressed. He wants to ruin your friendships and your marriages. As Christians we need to take this verse to heart, we need to fight. WE HAVE TO FIGHT FOR OUR JOY & friends, sometimes it’s such a hard thing to do. BUT – there’s always a but with God, a hope that follows our brokenness and hurt.

In the second part of John, He reminds us BUT with Jesus there is true life, life to the fullest. the absolute fullest. No holding back, life with Jesus is the most enjoyable – life giving choice we could ever choose to do. It’s defiantly not easy, some days I don’t see the light, and it’s hard to fight off the devil and the lies he wants to tell us about our identity. Then I’m reminded by sweet friends – that Our God is so much bigger than our enemy. He gives us joy and He gives life to the full. We begin to truly feel the freedom that comes along with when we choose to live with the Lord – because He wants the absolute best for you.

xo J

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