The Good Part Comes Around

It’s been a hot second and for a majority of my post I write so I can reach someone else, but tonight it’s not for you. I think tonight I’m writing to myself because we all need a reminder. A reminder that life and our circumstances is not always perfect. Our expectations fall, people fail, and that’s okay. We’re not suppose to always have it together. Life isn’t always going to be beautiful. It’s messy but that’s the beauty.

We take for granted all of the beauty that comes with this life.  No matter where you are today, life is so dang beautiful. That’s what I’ve learned. I complain all the time about how my life is constantly changing and nothing is ever constant, but that’s the beautiful part. I get the chance to grow. I get the chance to become this person who grows through the struggles, through the heartbreak, through the ended friendships, through the uncertainty.  You get the chance to become someone better.

At the end of my day, life will always be so much sweeter than the pain. Why? How? Because I’m loved by a perfect God, who still blesses me even when I’m not where I want to be, even when I’ve strayed, even when I’m not who i want to be. God looks at me and sees me as His own.

Maybe it’s not so much a fight on when the bad goes away and the good stuff happens. Maybe it’s our perspective. Maybe it’s choosing to see the beauty and the sweetness instead of dwelling on how much heartbreak and pain you can dig up in your life. Are you looking for a negative out?

This is me. This is me knowing life isn’t always going to be perfect or be all together because God knows it’s not. but what I do know is a perfect God adores me. I know that my life will always be sweeter than my pain. Our life is way too short is dwell on what if’s and when our life will fall together. I love this life, some days i love it more than others, but man we don’t deserve the goodness.

This is me choosing sweetness. Choosing to accept this love God chooses to pour over me. Sometimes my life is a little messy but I know I’m blessed and all good and perfect things are from above. Thank you Jesus for being so stinkin’ sweet. ❤


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