The Funk in Our Distractions

I’ve been discouraged here lately.  Here’s a backstory, I spent my summer at a summer camp with kids learning about Jesus. It was impossible to not feel God within you. I heard incredible testimonies. A fear I had all summer was that when I came back from camp, when I came back to reality that it would be so hard to focus on God. BOY was I right. I never realized how about us we can be when we get lost in this world. We become people who think about ourselves, and what we want NOW, we get so distracted from who we should be seeking.

I felt as though I was in this funky attitude and had no idea why but tonight it hit me. Ever since I’ve been back home and in the real world, I have lived more of me and less of God. It’s so easy to do, this world is so full of all the ‘stuff’ you could ever want. But hear me when I say this, nothing will ever fill you up like Jesus will. He is so good to us, even when He knows we’re being full of our own beings. Distractions are SO easy, we’re literally surrounded by them, our phones, social media, boyfriends/girlfriends, friends, ‘stuff.’

BUT there’s always a but wait with our sweet sweet Lord, the more time we spend with Him, the easier it is for Him to show us what’s important. When were focusing on God we can clearly see what’s important and what’s not.  Y’all we serve an almighty, merciful, loving, constant God and it is SO incredible that he takes our distractions away so we can better His kingdom through us. We may ran but sweet friend, we can’t run too far. He’s right there, waiting for us. BLESS UP 

When you’re feeling as if, where’s my God, or if you’re in that funk, or maybe just some distance with the Lord, here’s what I do:

1. Spend time with Him!!

Isn’t it obvious?? Why is it the last resort to our problems?? Believe it or not, spending time with God heals our heart to extremes you can’t even understand. Our God DESIRES to spend time with you. Even though God hears the cry of your heart without you even having to express them, He still desires you to pursue Him. God pursues you. I love the sound of that, the creator of the universe, the God who created sunsets, and who created the mountains, HE WANTS TO KNOW ME. & guess what?? He desires to know your heart. Because you matter and you are valued by the King.  make the time, in the morning before you start your day or after your day when you’re winding down.  Your heart changes in crazy ways when you get to know the one who created it.



2. Happy, healthy you is SO important.

Okay hear me out please. I know I said less of me and more of God earlier, but when I mean right now, is self-help is vital to being joyful and being able to serve whole heartily. It’s okay to think about yourself and to focus on yourself and what you need to be happy. Take time to read your favorite book, watch your favorite hallmark, have a girls night, take a bubble bath while indulging in mint chocolate ice cream. ( ok maybe that isn’t healthy but it’s fine) so maybe your funk is coming from the fact that you don’t remember the last time you did something for yourself. Love yourself sister, it’s okay. We can’t love God wholly if we aren’t loving ourselves wholly and truly taking care ourselves.


There’s nothing more I believe in than there is a season for everything.  [Ecclesiastes 3:1] If you feel a funk in your faith, sister IT IS OKAY. There’s nothing wrong with you and you never become too disqualified for God. He’s always going to be welcoming you with open arms, because that’s the God we serve. We all have our seasons, through the seasons we grow and we learn more about ourselves and more about the incredible creator we praise. AH He’s so good even we’re not. He’s constant. He’s faithful when we stray too far. Don’t forget the kind of God we serve, I believe we’re able to find ourselves in the midst of all that.


xoxo, J

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